March, 2016

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3/6/16 - Title: "May to December Romance"

It is spring. Among various people here, I meet a young woman who takes an interest in me, clearly wanting at least a friendship and, after we have been talking for quite awhile and are walking back (from? to?), she takes my hand, and we walk along comfortably, hand in hand, both feeling the bond. I must go do something apart from her, and she too must go elsewhere and do something else, so we'll definitely be apart for an indefinite period. I think about when we'll be together again, and tell myself that next time I'll take her hand. In talking, we realized we are both followers of The Lifestream Way and Maharaj Dayal Nam Ji. It is as if we are spiritual "lovers."

A short time after we separate, I understand that the direction my life must soon take may mean I never see her again. I begin writing her a letter telling how much our meeting has meant to me and of my great feeling of loving friendship for her, and I imagine her reading it later and know she feels the same.

3/27/16 - Title: "Barely Functional Tech Course-201"

I'm struggling with a tech course I'm taking. A friend of mine, with whom I'd taken a more basic computer technology course the previous year (and both of us made A grades in it), is advising me and trying to understand my current dilemma. I explain that I never intended being a student of high tech, that I only wanted to get by adequately in an increasingly tech-savvy world and am just slightly more at home in the technology realm than in the spiritual one. I reminded him of our mutual facility in the practical, everyday tech course of the prior year and suggested I'd thought it reasonable I'd do OK in this one too. Why couldn't it be seen as a "computer technology as a second language" course, in which great things would not be asked of me, instead of my being expected to master a course like one required for computer geek majors? Could he just help me get through this one last (more advanced than expected or intended) course? He seemed sympathetic, once he understood my predicament.

[The friend seemed like a blend of a couple real friends who are indeed more versatile in tech matters than I.]

Title: "Many Pusses"

I am hiking with a male friend in an area of woods and shrubbery. Off to the right of our path and about five feet from it, there are a large number of (apparently feral) cats (at least ten) in a group resting together about 3-4 feet off the ground on shrub or tree branches. They remain relaxed and resting, though looking at and aware of us as we go by them.

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