April, 2014

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4/1/14 - Title: "Deus Ex Machina"

I am falling from a height after misjudging a jump. This huge flying-saucer-like, absolutely responsive and intelligent robot, which is also a multi-roomed residence for many, many people, including me, immediately adapts to my falling motion and perfectly aligns itself to catch me, so that I gently touch down where I need to in it, gently, without stress. I am so impressed and relieved I ask if that were a fluke or the craft could do it again. The "pilot," a human in the cabin, though evidently one is not needed, says something like "Let's see!" and urges me this time to "fall" off backwards. I do, and again the vast machine instantly and correctly responds, not only saving me but doing it in a manner so responsive to all the needs of every other resident/passenger that he or she is mostly unaware, his/her orientation virtually unaffected by the sudden shifts of the machine's motion in saving me.

4/4/14 - Title: "Standoff"

Scene 1 - I am evidently single and am interested in Janet. I offer to take her for coffee, out to eat, or for a walk. However, she is uncertain, flattered perhaps, yet lacking in confidence after a mental breakdown (that in reality she had about a year ago), and feels she's not ready yet for a relationship.

Scene 2 - I observe a sudden encounter between a resident opossum (for in reality we have a female adult 'possum, possibly also with her babies, living under our back deck) and our pet dog (an adult female wire haired fox terrier). Our dog is on the left, the 'possum on the left (right), and they are facing each other, about 1-2 feet apart. The 'possum has just bared its teeth and made an angry hissing noise, like a cat might with its back arched, and our dog has responded with an angry growling noise and looks ready to attack, yet is barely cautious enough, despite its frustration, to hold off lest it be badly injured.

4/18/14 - Title: "Insoluble Problem"

I am making some adjustment to the aquarium (a 5-gallon aquarium [with guppies] that I've actually set up in the school library where I volunteer), anticipating being away for the weekend. A creature, about a foot long or even longer, way too big for the tank, leaps out of the water and falls to the floor at my feet. It is not exactly a guppy but (in the dream) I assume this long, thin, almost eel-like creature is what one of the guppies has become. I quickly pick it up and put it back into the tank, but realize it won't stay in unless the tank is completely covered. Yet the bulb part of the cover is not available. (In reality, I took it home to safely remove and then replace the bulb, which had, on Thursday, 4/17, snapped at the "neck" leaving its base still in the socket.) How can I deal with this problem now? (I awaken, concerned that I cannot solve the dilemma.)

4/29/14 - Title: "Intruder Alert"

Scene 1 - I'm alone in a two-story apartment or house. It is narrow, and the two floors are connected by a stairway that is almost as wide as the apartment. At first, it is dark, at night. Yet things are scary, with the impression that someone else is here, an intruder whom I have sensed somehow, but have not yet seen. He may try to kill me. I think I was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, but I decide to get up, go downstairs (to the kitchen? bathroom?), and turn on a light till I calm down. Hopefully my fears were not based on reality.

Scene 2 - At one point, it seems I visited my mother at her place. On returning, I decide to practice magical powers or out-of-body experiences. I float or fly in the dark at night toward one of the doors inside, on the ground floor of my place. I expect to easily go through it, floating like an apparition or a "second body," an immaterial, or energetic version of myself. Yet I wake up first instead and am anxious, feeling again badly disturbed and alone, vulnerable, as though, not only am I mortal and could die at any time, but also that there is a hidden malevolent force or person here, intent on doing me harm or on killing me.

[Of my mother, I'd say she is nurturing, generous, amazingly resilient (age 91, yet still doing well as a popular - in her community - aerobics instructor). She has a lot of drive, stubbornness, and independence, is gregarious, intelligent, well-read, though also is fearful, opinionated, drinks too much alcohol, is often lonely and depressed, and can see herself as a victim.]

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