May, 2012

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5/5/12 - Title: "At the Mercy of My HP"

At a place where there are large animals, mostly in pens, though more like a ranch or safari type area than a zoo, I am with a woman. For some reason, I go into one of the pens where there is a large canine creature loose. Perhaps I thought the animal tame. It is big, maybe 3-5 times as large as a wolf. I get the impression it is highly intelligent. As soon as I have entered its area, the creature gets hold of my left arm-elbow-hand with its large mouth, holding me there tightly between its jaws. The tightness is enough to make me anxious he may clamp down harder and eat or badly injure my arm, yet not to be extremely painful. The closeness of his mouth and head to me in this circumstance seems dangerous and intimate at once. He won't let go. I am in his power. I do not know where the woman has gone, but I begin to repeatedly call to her for "HELP!" The wolf-like creature seems content to hold my arm tightly in his mouth, neither letting go nor biting down more, while eyeing me, as if he sees this as a game and wants to see what I'll do, maybe hoping I'll play. Certainly, there is no question of my getting free till he chooses to let go. The woman returns. She also does not know how to help me get free.

5/15/12 - Title: "The Big Sting"

Needing to go through a series of painful challenges, of going up against giant, stinging or biting arthropods, the worst being a confrontation with a stinging wasp (in my hair). It is about 6 inches long. It gets me several times with its giant stinger, in my fingers and scalp, before I realize I can use a comb to try and dislodge it, but it then stings my scalp several more times while I am using the comb on it in this fashion.

Title: "Warmly Humane vs. Down and Dirty"

April is using her compassion, intuition, analytical talents, and humor to make the best decisions, though in unconventional ways, for a number of social work, disability, and welfare case worker reviews and decisions, some of which I would, on my own, feeling more stressed, have done differently, deciding them in a more expedient, by-the-book, less empathetic, more cut-throat, way.

[April is as described above, but also somewhat argumentative and confrontational, insistent on her way on certain matters and unlikely to admit her attempts to control or the extra controversy these introduce into the group dynamics.]

5/21/12 - Title: "A Reasonable Chance"

Three to four people are sitting around a big round table conferring on an issue, at least two women and a man. A woman on the right says something like: "Say you have a young boy, an only child, dealing with large issues, and his parents have problems. Do we agree he has a poor prognosis?" A woman on the left replies, "No, I wouldn't say that!" suggesting that, in her view, the boy may turn out alright and have a reasonable chance at a rewarding, contented life.

5/24/12 - Title: "It Went Well!"

I'm interviewing a famous old guy involved in opera for a radio or TV broadcast, so the interview is being recorded. It's my first time doing a real interview that's to be aired. I'm nervous, but go ahead with it. Toward the end, the old guy turns the tables and asks me a couple or three questions on opera, and I fumble around with my answers. He makes much of my mistakes and says I surely don't know my opera! I agree, and he graciously lets me off the hook with some humorous comment, and then the interview comes to an end.

Afterward, we are surrounded by the "suits," the old hands at producing a radio or TV show who always are wearing suits, dress shirts, and ties because they're executives. They are smiling. A couple of the really important of these "suits" are laughing because they knew the way the tables were turned on me must have embarrassed me, but it had turned out OK. They both embrace me warmly. One says to be (me): "It went well!" And the other one says, still smiling or laughing: "Next time, do your research about opera!" And I know he means it was fine, that the interview will be interesting and funny when it is aired, especially because everybody loves this famous old guy, but that I also need to better prepare in future for the topic or subject of my interviews.

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