June, 2014

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6/1/14 - Title: "Snake on the Rocks"

I have been hiking alone up a rock-strewn ravine area. It used to be a stream but now is just an almost dry creek bed. The rocks cover most all the bed and are large and angular, often with sharp edges. It is quite difficult to walk here. I have passed the black carcasses of a few snakes. I have a stick or tool of some sort, not very long, 3-4 feet. I come upon a slight bend in the ravine, mostly in shadow. Amid the rocks is a partially buried snake. I see only one of its coils. The snake's coil is reddish brown on the part I can see and at least six inches across (wide). About 3-4 feet of the extension of this coil is exposed, and I can tell that the rest of the snake must be buried or hidden farther down, probably wrapped around some of the deeper rocks. I know this is likely to be a venomous snake. For some reason, I decide instead of just passing by to disturb the snake and see what will happen. I push on it with my stick. There is no reaction at first, so I think maybe it is dead after all. I press harder, and with alarming speed the snake uncoils from its lower resting place, and an enormous head confronts me. It is more like a dragon than an ordinary snake. I sense its intelligence, anger, and power. It is ready to strike. In the rocks, I cannot move quickly enough to get away (and wake up).

6/16/14 - Title: "Plenty of Spirit, Not Looking Good for Ego"

Scene one - I'm in a building complex that seems a blend of my workplace and a university campus. Our dog, Puff, is with me on a leash, but she keeps jerking this way and that as her interests guide her in this new to her environment. I return to my main indoor work area with her still in tow. Michelle Obama is there, about to speak. Official escorts for her, including Secret Service personnel, are also there. A senior colleague, not my boss, but someone who knows the ropes here, advises me this is no place for a dog and says I could be excused for taking care of her, getting her to a better place like my apartment. Michelle Obama indicates something about Puff. That she is cute? That it's OK with her if she stays? I feel confused by the different variables, not sure it really will be OK for me to leave, yet feeling out of place, awkward, and worried I'd be making a mistake were I to try to keep Puff with me here. I leave, but regret missing the talk or Q and A session Michelle Obama is about to deliver or lead.

Scene two - I am with Puff on a narrow ledge a couple floors up, near a partially open window that I'm hoping to go through to get into a building. Am also still in a workplace and campus sort of environment. The situation is precarious. Puff is still jerking about according to her interests, but she could easily pull us both off this high ledge so that we'd fall into a courtyard area and be badly hurt or killed.

Scene three - Am on a street in a residential neighborhood, in neither a good nor especially bad part of town, but one that's unfamiliar, and still have Puff with me on a leash. Two uncontrolled dogs are not far away on the street, both medium to large dogs, one a Doberman pincher, not sure about the other, though maybe it is a golden retriever. On seeing us, the two other dogs rush over toward us. I'm worried how Puff and these two strange dogs will react. It could go badly for me and Puff, but there's a chance all the dogs will just be inquisitive or affectionate. Something not remembered happens. I believe then I am on my back, Puff nearby and as yet unhurt. The Doberman is standing over me in a threatening position and could kill me with a quick bite to my neck (when I wake up).

6/22/14 - Title: "All's Well That Ends Well"

Scene one - I'm working in a new job, some type warehouse setting. I've lost the key to my volkswagon (Volkswagen) Beetle, and there apparently is also some mechanical problem with its operation. I'm temporarily stranded. Others where I'm working suggest remedies and advise I play along to some extent with the workplace rules, to get along her (here), even though I do not feel they are a good fit.

Scene two - I grind down a key that's similar but not exactly like the correct one, and get my car to start, so it runs well, and I can again go where I want and need to with it.

Also, while working in my new job, at one point I am sort of at a counter and order window. An attractive woman, whom I had met outside of work and who had suggested we might go out, comes up to the window and says she's gotten us a pair of tickets. I think they are for a basketball game. I'm eager for my shift to be over so we can share in this entertainment together.

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