July, 2015


7/25/15 - Title: "Who Belongs Here?"

Scene One - I rent an apartment and take time getting my things organized and put where I want them.

Scene Two - I have needed to be out and away from my place for awhile, and when I return there's somebody else here, who looks like a smooth teenage heart-throb male actor from the movie "Say Anything." I say to him something like "Who the f--k are you, and what are you doing in my place?" He turns the tables on me, though, and says he's just rented my (the) place, and what proof do I have that I belong there, that my stuff being there could be an elaborate ruse designed to make it look like I belong when in fact I'm a squatter. I search in vain through my stuff for receipts that would show I'm there legitimately. (Only later do I realize I could have asked him to prove he belonged there).

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