December, 2015


12/2/15 - Title: "Time Left to Do Better"

I am in a classroom setting, taking a test. There are about ten questions. Five apparently are multiple choice, and I seem to answer those alright. Five have to do with current events. I am not certain of these answers, but it seems to me, as best I can guess, the answer to each is "Russia." A typical question is something like: "What is the name of the country to which President Obama went a couple weeks ago and at the end of his stay gave a news conference?" (I know that in reality the answer to that is not Russia, yet in the dream context it seemed to be right.) After I finished the test and handed it in to the attractive, intelligent, sympathetic teacher, she met with me to talk about my answers. I admitted the test had been too hard for me, though I had thought I was familiar enough with the course material to have done better. I told her it seemed wrong that "Russia" would be the right answer for five questions, half of the exam, yet in each case that had seemed the most likely to be correct response so I had taken a chance rather than leave it blank when I was uncertain. She told me that unfortunately I had done very badly on the test. She seemed sad about this, as though she were sorry (for my not doing better). I felt there might be something wrong with my brain or mind, that I did not remember well enough to have done better, even though I had been attending classes and following current events. It seemed this is my last course, or only course, before graduating. I'd hope not to have to fail and take it over or have another course later and delay finishing. It occurred to me there might be time to improve my overall result. There were still a few months left in the course, so if I did better the remainder of my time I might still at least pass, even if it were too late to get an A or a B.

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