December, 2016

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12/1/16 - Title: "My Pet Snake"

I have a small black snake, for instance a garter snake. It is in a cage, roughly 2 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet, mostly glass panes between frames except for the bottom which is a more substantial, solid material, perhaps metal or wood. The snake seems at home in its caged space. I think it might be thirsty and so put in a container of water that it can easily drink from. This is just a bowl, about the size of a large soup bowl, with a couple inches of water in it. The snake promptly goes over to it and not only drinks but puts its head and the first few inches of its body into the liquid. I think, in fact, it may go ahead and get its whole body into the bowl as if taking a bath, or it may be content with just getting a good drink and immersing the front part of its body in the liquid.

12/6/16 - Title: "This Does Not Look Good"

I am in a public building, perhaps a museum or else a large reptile house in a zoo. In one of the rooms there is a shallow cage holding a large snake. It is about 2 feet high on the sides with a kind of sunken floor, maybe a foot lower than the room's floor and the space for the snake is covered, about a foot or two higher than the sides, with a tough, transparent, flexible plastic, kind of like a grocery produce bag, except thicker. I had left this room (to the right) toward another part of the museum or reptile house, but for some reason have gone back into it, so now I am the only person there. As I look, I notice that there is a hole in the plastic covering the snake enclosure. Inside this herpetarium there is a large yellow and brown rattlesnake, the biggest I have ever seen, at least 8 feet long. Sure enough, just then the snake pushes its head through the hole and continues on out till it is on the floor. I start to go out to the right again to raise the alarm that a poisonous snake is loose and needs to be re-caught and put back, meanwhile with visitors being kept away, but the snake immediately heads straight for me. In moments it can strike me (when I wake up).

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