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Investor's Journal is a diary focused strictly on investments and personal finance issues, primarily from a contrarian and retiree point of view. Follow along with an average guy's failures and successes as he learns, by trial and error, the fine art of value investing.

9/10/16-Following the "Brexit" vote, jitters about further rate increases by the Fed, and the latest North Korea nuclear test, the good news is that our overall equities portfolio is above its cost basis. However, specific strategies did not do as well. In particular, BLND, and VM were significantly down after these market affecting developments.

There have frankly been too many revisions in approach here of late. I do not want to simply react to disappointing results. So I shall suspend an emphasis on specific stock-picking methods in favor of a core of 25 more attractive holdings and use the balance of the year to refine our means by which stocks may be profitably included or excluded from that core portfolio. In addition, since my tradable assets now number 50, but not all still seem worth keeping, I shall gradually be selling off the least attractive portion, using the proceeds to purchase more shares of the equities that have greater appeal.

Currently these are the "keepers:" AGO; AGX; AMZN; ANET; BEN; BOFI; BRK/B; CAJ; ETN; EXPD; FRAN; GLAD; INFY; IRT; KSS; LGIH; PAYC; RDS/B; RHI; SBNY; SHOP; SKX; SNI; T; and UVE. Their average dividend is about 2.4%.

Our liquid assets stand at $1,147,187, down $13,654 or 1.18% since the last entry. We continue to be on target for achieving our end-of-year equity dividend total.

Am heading off tomorrow for a few weeks of vacation but expect soon after my return to be summarizing things here as of the end of the 2016 third quarter.

9/28/16-Have returned from a vacation to NM and made a few changes in the 25 holdings highlighted here. Shares of BOFI, GLAD, IRT, PAYC, SBNY, and SNI have been sold. Positions in AIR, GBX, GG, MTCH, SLW, and TSM have been added.

The resulting set of 25 current holdings is: AGO; AGX; AIR; AMZN; ANET; BEN; BRK/B; CAJ; ETN; EXPD; FRAN; GBX; GG; INFY; KSS; LGIH; MTCH; RDS/B; RHI; SHOP; SKX; SLW; T; TSM and UVE. Their average dividend is about 1.9%.

Since I prefer overall equity income of 2.00% or higher, among these am putting more emphasis in share purchases on the following dividend paying stocks: AGO, BEN, CAJ, ETN, EXPD, GBX, GG, INFY, KSS, RHI, T, TSM, and UVE. Their average dividend is about 2.8%.

Our liquid assets stand at $1,158,758 up $11,571 or 1.01% since the last entry. We continue to be on target for achieving our end-of-year total equity yield goal of $25,888.

Will over the weekend provide a brief wrap-up as of the end of the 3rd quarter of 2016, but wanted right away to mention the above changes.

9/30/16-There have been no changes in the 25 assets presently held. Effective the end of the 3rd quarter, our total liquid assets stand at $1,170,655, a gain of $11,897 (or 1.03%) since the prior entry.

With 13 weeks remaining in the year, the plan is to simply add shares, one asset a week, among the quality, dividend paying equities suggested here a couple days ago. To review, they are: AGO, BEN, CAJ, ETN, EXPD, GBX, GG, INFY, KSS, RHI, T, TSM, and UVE, and their average annual dividend is about 2.8%.

Good luck for the final three months of 2016.

Disclaimer and Disclosure Statement
Much as I'd love it to be otherwise, I receive no payment of any kind for disseminating investment information unless, by some fluke, millions of folks, on the strength of these entries, start buying shares of stock I own, a possibility only slightly less likely than our being destroyed by a large meteorite. Do not follow any suggestions made in Investor's Journal as if I were a professional.

Neither I nor Investor's Journal will be responsible for losses by anyone who obtained ideas from this site.

This diary is intended for personal interest and general information only. You are advised to do your own research (as well as to consult highly compensated professionals) before spending money on anything.

I know of no reason anyone should take my financial musings seriously. At best I am a dedicated amateur providing a bit of investment-related insight and entertainment, at worst an amusing diversion.

My wife, Fran, and I may at times own shares of some of the assets mentioned here. But neither of us receive any benefit from reference to them, unless you count the mutual misery when we get it wrong, or the opportunity to gloat when we get it right.

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