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December, 2011: 24 25 26

12/24/11-Sat.-Arrived here in Waco yesterday, me, Fran, and Puff. Allen and family, as well as Ron and Jane, were also here visiting Mom.

We all have had a good time together at Mom's place so far and went out to eat at Summer Palace last night. We talked, played pool, worked on small jigsaw puzzles Fran had brought, went shopping, etc.

Fran and I watched a cute movie back at the motel room. Puff slept right next to me on the king-sized bed.

Today, we got over to Mom's place about 9:30 AM.

Horace and family (whose house is only a mile from Mom's) have not been participating in activities here, nor, as usual, have they invited folks here over to their place for awhile, so I called him and conveyed our season's greetings.

12/25/11-Christmas Day-Had a difficult night and not much sleep last night.

12/26/11-Mon-A cool, wet morning once again. Have developed a bad cold or allergic reaction (to mold spores?). It kept me awake and symptomatic last night, despite antihistamines.

Allen and family left yesterday. Horace and family, except for Chris, Helen, and Dwight, finally came over for a brief visit at Mom's last night, though.

Fran expects to go to the zoo this morning. But I hope to get more rest while Mom (age 89!) is off teaching aerobics classes this AM.

She's had a new bout of tachycardia and probably ought to just be taking it easy. Still, her way of getting through existence has meant relatively good health to an advanced age, so maybe I should simply deal with myself and my problems or opportunities, not worry about improving others' lives for them!

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