March, 2017

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3/12/17 - Title: "Sorting Out Neglected Things"

Scene 1 - I have come from a downtown workplace and gone home. Here things are overgrown and neglected. A big creature - a giant spider? - of some sort is running around loose in the house. I give chase and throw things at it but keep missing or not seriously injuring it. I believe there is also a big snake loose in the house. Vines, undergrowth, small tree limbs and saplings, and even larger trees are growing in a gloomy setting inside what should be the house. I believe I am living there along with my mother. I am grown, but there are also several young children - not clear if they are my siblings or are not related to me. At the moment I do not see my mom or them, just figure they are the ones responsible for letting things go this much while I've been away. I had a large aquarium, full of water and fish, properly aerated and cared for. Now the water is all but gone. There's no pump running. The fish are gone, and there is a turtle, about six inches long, black and orange, living in the bottom of the tank.

Scene 2 - I have come home after being away awhile (at work?) and find a large house full of older women friends of Mom. They are obviously helping her get things fixed up, organized, cleaned, and more ship-shape, but it is a BIG job and, though there are lots of them helping her, possibly as many as ten, there remains lots more to do. Nonetheless, much improvement has already been made, and it is evident they have been at it at least for several hours. I have not yet seen Mom but know she is here too. One of her friends asks me if I am hungry, suggesting they have brought food. I am, but also want to check with Mom. I see her toward the other end of the house and go over to her. She has obviously been working hard and is exhausted. I suggest we leave the other ladies to it and go someplace relaxing for our supper, and she agrees but suggests we can run an errand while away from the house.

Scene 3 - I drive Mom and me in my car and get to a large vacant field where Mom had left her van. One of its doors is still open, as though she had left in a hurry or forgetfully. Evidently work of some type or moving had been going on at this location too. Some things are still outside the van. She tells me to get one of them plus a...(forgotten). I think it was a farm tool, like maybe a big hay fork. I hear her saying something else and think she is still talking about what I am to get and put in her van, but what she says does not make sense if about that. It is something about an animal Dad had shot, and then I see his rifle, a 22-gauge one I believe, lying on the ground. I start to pick it up so I can put it in Mom's van. Then I realize Dad's pickup truck is there too, but he is gone. I realize he had needed to leave and will not be returning soon. He must have left hurriedly too for his blue truck, rifle, and some other things to still be here. I wonder how we'll get the three vehicles home. Mom does not drive after dark, and it is almost dark now. Obviously I can only drive one vehicle at a time. Maybe, once I have gotten Mom and me home this evening in her van, I can drive us both back tomorrow in it, so she can drive it home and I can get Dad's truck home, then Mom and I can come back in her van a final time, so she can drive it back, and I can drive my vehicle home.

3/30/17 - Title: "At Last, Success"

(A long, complicated dream, most forgotten, except...) I have been a caseworker, helping disabled folks get benefits. In this regard, even though having stopped regular work several years earlier, I have continued to be involved with and supportive of a legitimate, worthy individual who has had a difficult life secondary to multiple disabilities, but whose applications for disability benefits - that could greatly change his life for the better - have always and unjustly been denied. I talk with a woman disability judge who happens to learn of my concerns for the fellow, and she immediately recognizes the correctness of the claim and allows it, releasing him to receive ongoing and back benefits.

A positive dream, it would appear, in which the anima (there to show by example attributes it might behoove me to cultivate) is just, intelligent, compassionate, and decisive. The setting is one in which there is non-acceptance of various dysfunctions in a significant shadow character. The resolution involves changing this status to one of acceptance and of recognition that he is worthy of benefits, essentially acknowledging his right to be just as he is. The future opens as he (I) can see, in the dream's metaphor, life changed for the better.

3/31/17 - Title: "People Who Swim in Glass Pools"

A large cast of characters, including another fellow who, like me, seems to be homeless at the moment and crashing briefly at different friends' residences. I say something politically incorrect, expressing in a large gathering disparaging feelings and thoughts about Donald Trump, but some in the group, like Harold (known from Alanon) are probably Trump supporters. There is a big indoor swimming pool, evidently all glass, so swimmers there can be seen through the sides. It is about regular depth but much shorter and more narrow than usual for a swimming pool, about 3 feet wide and 8 feet long. A couple of the young women swimming there are good-looking, and I want to go swimming too. Janet offers plates of food for me and the other currently homeless fellow, tuna salad, I believe, and it tastes good. I was pretty hungry. Janet asks how the homeless guy and myself are doing and seems fascinated to hear our narratives about how it is, getting by without real homes of our own. It's really not bad, so far, except for the uncertainty from day to day, not knowing where and in whose place one will be sleeping, taking things just as they come, but lots of people are being very kind to us.

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