June, 2016


6/28/16 - Title: "Oh Shit, It's a Tornado..."

I'm with several other people, as though it is my family, including my young child. We're outside, or at least some of us are. We are next to our house, which is to the left. I see in the distance, partially obscured by a tall building or other structure of some kind, an odd looking cloud. The part of it I can see best, on the left, is less obscured by the structure. It seems to be growing in size, but then I realize it is getting closer, is heading our way, and has a top to bottom circular motion. "Oh shit!" I yell, "It's a tornado, and it's heading straight for us." Sure enough, the tornado is almost immediately much closer, no longer partially obscured by the structure, which it has destroyed or left behind. In seconds, it will be here. I realize that some in the family, the young people, and especially the very youngest, have no experience of a tornado and do not know that we must try to find a safe place. I try to usher everyone into the house and toward a bathroom, yet, with no basement and only fiberglass bathtubs, it seems nothing will be strong enough and large enough to protect us. I want to protect my youngest, my son, under my body at least, but have lost sight of him. The tornado will be tearing our house apart at any moment, in fact may have already started to do so. (I wake up, impressed with so dramatic a dream, yet also still worried, concerned that I was not able to protect Little Phillip, did not even know exactly where he was.)

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