May, 2016


5/9/16 - Title: "Snake Attack!"

I am living in a small house with my wife, Frances, and a small boy. He's probably about five. He's started a hobby of keeping reptiles. They are in a 3-4 foot high and perhaps 5-6 feet wide sort of vase-like glass container (symmetrical, narrow at top and bottom and with a couple bulges in the middle part, one bulge larger than the other) rather than in a regular cage or other herpetarium. There is no top or lid. I come home and find that there are several reptiles in it, including a large, long-necked turtle and several snakes, at least two of which are big rattlesnakes, long enough that they can get out of their container through the open top. I am concerned and tell Fran we must do something about this, or they'll be getting out and then might hide in the house and perhaps strike any of us, for instance at night. I'd like to get a shotgun and kill them with it, but that would also destroy the container, and it would not be safe or legal to use in the city, much less inside the house. It is not safe either, I feel, to try to transport them out to the country and let them go, what might be best to do otherwise. They could get out through the top while we're trying to carry or transport their container and then might strike us. A third adult in the house, a woman, counsels a more conservative approach (such as covering the container's opening with plywood and holding that in place till the snakes can be released or disposed of safely) but is overruled by Fran and me who decide to just empty their container and hit the snakes with long tool handles (broom or ax handles, for example) till we kill them. We try to do this but the snakes are too fast and unpredictable for us. They mostly avoid our blows and then rush in when our handles are raised to strike at us from too close to hit them. Their strikes are imminent. It is evident I cannot prevent them (when I wake up).

[Snakes typically for me represent uncontrolled emotions, often strongly negative ones. The dream suggests I am now worried about or may soon be dealing with powerful, negative feelings. The young boy suggests "Little Phil," my inner child, whom I'd like to take care of and who is representing my creativity and a capacity for child-like love, wonder, simplicity, and joy. Five also suggests waiting. 3-4 indicate, respectively, transformation and manifestation in reality. Of Frances, I'd say she is very smart, engaged in pastimes she loves, and quite personable. She represents my anima, here to show, by example (or counter-example), correct (or incorrect) attitudes.]

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