September, 2012


9/9/12 - Title: "Light, Blue, Mediating, Compassionate, and Conflicted"

I am with an anti-war faction, but one of my brothers is loyally supporting the national or royal policy, which is pro-war. My brother and I were close, and this division in our views will potentially cause a rift or at least extra pain between us and for the several others who care about both of us. Then I find a way to provide gifts, such as a big cake with light blue icing, for the troops in general, for a general, and humanitarian support of those suffering from the conflict, without endorsing either of the combatant sides. For this approach, my brother and I find we have common ground, and it will not embarrass him with his own (royal or state) superiors. Indeed, it can be made more widely known, as by the media, without difficulty for my brother. It is a broadly compassionate approach, which nonetheless is not an endorsement of the nationalistic cause.

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