October, 2012

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10/7/12 - Title: "Consults"

Scene One - I have been on a trip and participating in a big, special event. I am returning toward home on foot (on the right shoulder of the road). I am almost back to the city where I live.

My brother Pete drives up, sees me walking, and stops. We chat. He has been to the same big event, and we are comparing notes about how it turned out. We think it went well overall, but there might be some lessons to be learned for future such get-togethers.

Scene Two - I am back in my home city (in Austin?) and on foot (walking alone on a sidewalk on the left side of the street). I think it would be good to consult the head of Intel (? - am not sure of the name of the company, but it is a successful major technology company with a branch or headquarters in Austin) about our special event and ways to better prepare for or to carry out similar occasions in future. (It seems) I am on my way to do that.

[Of Austin, I'd say I think it is too hot in summer, too prone to droughts, too crowded, and has major traffic problems, but it still retains some of its smaller city charm from yesteryear and has a variety of cool options for learning, interacting, eating, the arts, etc.

Of Pete, I'd say he is a recovering alcoholic, my youngest brother (18 years my junior), smart, arrogant, very approval-seeking, and self-absorbed, yet is funny, a reasonably good MC for amateur gatherings/entertainment events, and able to exceptionally produce results desired by contract employers.

Of Intel and/or the head of that company, I'd say this is a large, low-risk, innovative, very profitable growth corporation, and its leadership is good, responsible for its strong and ongoing success.

I'm sure the external reality catalyst or context for the dream is the family reunion this weekend in which I and several of my relatives are celebrating my mom this month having her 90th birthday.]

10/11/12 - Title: "Feud"

There is a huge amount of aggression between two factions. Two cabins are each filled with gun (rifle) wielding combatants shooting at those in the other cabin. The volume of ongoing firing is ferocious.

I am caught outside and close to the front of one of the two cabins. I am lying on the ground, hoping I'll not be observed by people in the nearest cabin and not be shot by those aiming at this cabin from the other one.

Suddenly, oblivious of the firing, a great hulk of a creature, apparently from the nearest cabin, is looming over me. He seems to assume I am from the enemy cabin. He looks like he's going to hit me and with such force that one time will probably kill me (and I wake up).

10/13/12 - Title: "Seen from a Great Plane, a Looming Storm"

I am in a big plane which is flying at a great height, though not above the weather's fray. Several other people are in the plane with me. I become concerned about a storm and its turbulence which I believe are imminent. So I find and climb through an opening in the front of the plane (?), as though through a small door in the plane's outer envelope or shell, right at the center, and through which one can force an entry. Then the hole where one gets in closes up again after I am through. Inside there is a small cabin, barely big enough for the pilot and a little extra space for me. I seem to be smaller and younger than in reality. This cabin with the pilot seems like a refuge, though I am still anxious in case an approaching storm may affect our plane. I see roiling clouds. Amid them, lightning strikes nearby. The pilot is my brother, Ernie. He seems calm and friendly, glad to have my company so long as I wish to stay. It is clear he is not worried about the storm.

[Of Ernie, I'd say he is bright, tends to be more a thinker than a feeler, is often quite competent and confident, can be warm and friendly, is a good grandpa, yet has a number of aggressive, right-wing, half-baked, dogmatically religious, and self-righteous opinions.]

Title: "Intelligence Coup"

Scene one - There is much confusion of relationships, but basically things come down to us vs. them, the them in this case being Russia or the Soviet Union. The setting is a city and/or a warehouse district in the U.S., possibly in Washington, D.C. I am approached in private by a couple Russians, including or representing the top leadership. They propose that I work for them to undermine the U.S. and pass along secret info about my country to the Russian leadership. I tentatively agree, but in my own mind am thinking this will be a good opportunity to become a double agent. Soon after the Russians depart, I inform top intelligence folks in this country what is going on, and they agree that I should play along but keep them and top U.S. leadership informed.

Scene two - I use a shovel to scoop up some brain matter. This is in a kind of industrial tub in a warehouse type place. I plan to pass this, as well as shovelfuls of seed that can make one smarter (flax seed? lecithin?), to the Russians seeking U.S. intelligence. Management at the warehouse objects, but I explain that it is an approved operation. There are lots more of both where these (brain matter and intelligence seeds) came from. I hope and believe I can pull this off without the Russians really getting any advantage and can, in fact, turn the tables on them.

10/18/12 - Title: "Look Out Ahead!"

Scene one - I am driving my car alone and am in a middle lane at night on an interstate, heading north (as I typically do about once per 4-6 weeks, from Austin to Waco, where I visit with my mom and sometimes also with other relatives). There are at least two 18-wheeler trucks ahead in my lane. Due to traffic conditions, it is not convenient to switch lanes. Something occurs ahead, so the trucks in front slow down. I respond accordingly. The truck behind, however, is not responding well enough and soon is right behind my car and apparently still coming.

Just now, in this critical circumstance, I go blind. It is as if all the lights of my vehicle, the trucks, and the interstate go out at once. I am racing ahead totally sightless, knowing that an awful collision is imminent. All I can do is press my foot on the brake and hope for the best.

Then I have a sensation as if I float out of my body and of the situation, as though I rise out of the imminent collision and yet physically am still there awaiting instant death (and then wake up).

Scene two - I am driving near and then under an interstate cloverleaf and see long giant human legs walking along at a normal pace above, over, and through the cloverleaf, off toward my left (toward the west, I believe). I have the impression these are a young woman's legs. They do not interfere with the interstate or the drivers and traffic on it as they proceed toward the left at a natural pace (and I wake up).

[Although Austin, Waco, and my mom are not really in the dream except by reference to circumstances in real life that at times are similar, I'll give associations to each, just in case they are relevant:

Austin - kind of a "cool" place (lots of opportunities for growth, neat interactions, liberal politics, well informed folks, good volunteer gigs, colleges, fun activities, sports, ethnic eateries, KUT, KMFA, KLRU, etc.) with some of the charm left of yesteryear, though growing too big, with too many hassles (traffic, gangs, crowds, sprawl, etc.), nice in fall and winter but too hot in spring and summer. I have lived here from senior year in high school on, except for about 10 years. Graduated from U.T in Austin. Fell in and out of love here a few times. Met and married my wife of 27 years here. It was the hometown of my siblings, all of whom essentially grew up here.

Waco - smaller, more parochial, and much more religiously and politically conservative than Austin, but gradually getting to be better, and it does, for its size, have a number of neat activities (museums, plays, college, sports, restaurants, public radio, music or dance events, etc.). Like Austin, pleasant in fall & winter but too hot in spring and summer. Crime not as big a factor as in Austin. Traffic as yet a lot easier to deal with than in Austin too.

Mom - resourceful/independent, warm, felt victimized in childhood.]

10/19/12 - Title: "I'm Smokin'!"

Scene one - My wife Frances and I am concerned that I am out of work. I am actively looking for a job and interview for a sales position though I do not really understand what it entails. A big, smart guy interviews me and gives me some tests and says I have the right stuff and they'd like to hire me and asks when I can start. Right away, I say, and this clearly is what he wanted to hear. He begins introducing me in an orientation plus sales pitch meeting the company is holding right then. It turns out I'll be selling cigarettes wholesale and talking up the who (whole) idea of smoking, more or less pushing the "smoking is good" and "smoking is sexy" and "smoking is cool" lifestyle every chance I get. Even just sitting in this meeting, with smoking ostentatiously going on all 'round me by folks ready to sell their souls to keep making big bucks promoting smoking and cigarettes, my suit clothes are getting to smell very smoky. "What will Fran (who hates smoke and smoking) think of this?" I wonder. Still, I really need the work, it pays well, and the benefits are good, so... It also turns out I'll need to travel and will be on the road a lot. Moreover, during the meeting there is a public embarrassment of two employees, a man and a woman, who have decided to quit the company. They are each taken off a little away from the others and, as a "gag," a sort of funny public roast in honor of their prior years of service to the company, they are doused in gasoline and then set on fire. By now, I'm having serious misgivings about joining this company, but it is too late to back out.

Scene two - A young woman whom I know (in the dream, not in reality) comes and congratulates me on my new job. She's already heard about this even though I only joined the company this morning. Somehow the word has already gotten out around the city. We are on about the 3rd floor, so I give her a hand as she leaves by way of the wall or a nearby cliff where she finds just enough tiny footholds and handholds to safely make her way on down to the street level.

Scene three - I am in a very large building, part of my new corporation or of a university and I do not know my way around. I ask for help with directions. Something gets spilled on my pats, and the stain may not come out, so they are ruined. There is a confused bathroom situation, perhaps to try and get the stain off. A young woman and I are attracted to each other and want to have sex.

10/30/12 - Title: "Better Late Than Never"

Scene one - I am at first only with several men involved in work or intellectual pursuits. Then our wives and lovers, that night, are insisting we fulfill our responsibilities and make love with them, at least once tonight, preferably 2-3 times. They offer to switch around among we men, in case this will excite us to do what is needed. I am worried at first whether I shall manage it, but then do find the spark of excitement and put my hard-on to good use with one of them.

Scene two - Something about my mother and a setting in her house. I have a large room, but it is hard to get enough rest as their (there) are other guests here and privacy concerns. My room adjoins that of a woman in her 30s or 40s, and there is some tension between us. I do not like her, and feel that it is mutual. She does not keep the partition or door between our rooms completely closed, and I realize that through the open space she could see me half-nude in my sleeping clothes at times if she wished. I avoid being a peeping Tom but realize I could also if I wished see her in her more exposing night clothes. Indeed, if we liked each other, we might easily make love, but we do not.

Scene three - I am going to university and lack only a few courses being able to get my degree, but it is now several weeks into the semester, and I have been preoccupied and neglectful of my classes and books. Even though it is embarrassing to be so far behind, I realize I am capable of gradually catching up and completing the coursework if I buckle down and single-mindedly devote all available time and effort to it. I resolve to do this.

Scene four - I am in a big auditorium, such as at a movie or drama theater. Many others are there too. Some of the time, we have been talking and conferring with one of the professors at our university, a geologist I think, and it is interesting. Details are not clear, but there is (as above) a sense of being behind, neglecting of my studies, but that now I and we will buckle down. When I return to my auditorium seat, at first I cannot find where I had been sitting, off to the right. Most of the seats are taken. Then I decide to sit in one of the vacant seats more to the middle and among several other students there. I also find my book (which has my name in it) and bag (knapsack or backpack), so there are no more concerns except resuming my studies properly and really finishing this time.

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