October, 2015

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10/5/15 - Title: "On Your Mark..."

In a rural area some rough racecourses have been set up. Crowds are on hand. I haven't warmed up or tried out, but take it into my head to race in the next event, in which several professionals are already about to compete too. It is a run down the very zig-zaggy course of a dried-up streambed. I ask a fellow if I (in case I) wanted to compete if it would be OK, and, though the event is imminent and he knows I've not gotten ready particularly, he encourages me, suggesting if I do to get a number (#20), to wear it on the front (or front and back) of my jersey or T-shirt. I'm already dressed for it, in shorts and a light shirt and (I believe) have running shoes or tennis shoes on. I decide to do it. I don't have much of a chance of winning, but it should be fun to give it my all and have a go. It looks like it will be quite a challenge, as the zig-zaggy course in the dirty streambed will certainly give me a good workout, and with several others competing as well, one could easily have a mis-step and go down amid the general melee of eager runners.

10/16/15 - Title: "What Makes a Great Man?"

My sister-in-law, Mary (widow of one of my brothers), and I are discussing who might be worthy of being emulated. Each of us separately, though with a bit of dubiousness at the example really working for the average person, suggests Albert Schweitzer would seem to fill the bill. Mary gets on a roll, then, and rapidly enumerates Schweitzer's known and not so well known virtues and accomplishments in service to others and realizing his potential.

10/19/15 - Title: "Danger Ahead in Time, Behind in Space"

For some reason, Fran and I have taken in and are looking after a wild critter (kind of a cross between a big rat and a small wolverine). It has its own wire frame cage, roughly the size of two bathtubs, one upended and on top of the other, and the creature can be seen running about on apparatuses in there, but it must not be left unattended, even in there, lest it manage to get loose, for it is quite fierce and strong and may do serious personal damage. Thus, besides the wire cage, it should instead before being left be gotten into a much more concise (smaller) and stronger metal container (that we have), one it cannot break out of.

Fran is nervous even about it being as free as to have the run of the larger wire frame cage, which I had taken it upon myself to release it into, but I'm assuring her it will be fine there, when she begins a phone call. On the phone, she mentions the animal and her concerns, but is fairly relaxed about it, since we are both there, the weather is fine, and so what could go wrong before we get it into its stronger little metal container instead?

For some reason, I look behind then, out a big back picture window (and from my vantage point it is evident we are on the second story or higher) when I see that suddenly the skies, which had been fair as far as eye could see, are dark and turbulent. Clouds are now instead in a distinct pattern together and heading straight for us. Evidently there are four tornadoes. Fran is as yet on the phone, and I yell to her about the looming tornadoes. She does not quite hear or believe me, for only mild weather and blue skies were predicted for today. However, I repeat it, "four tornadoes," and emphasize it by holding up my four fingers (on my right hand). Besides the need for her to end the call at once, there is worry about somehow getting ourselves to safety, if we can, and getting the animal into its small container before the tornadoes hit and do immense damage. It appears, though, there is no time left either for putting the critter or ourselves in safer places.

10/26/15 - Title: "Now Trading Bargain Stocks is Bad"

Birthday Dream One - Am part of an elaborate, multi-player, lengthy scheme to emulate Warren Buffett or Ben Graham and make money by profiting from value discrepancies in the prices of stocks. Unfortunately for us, such value trading is now regarded as illegal, and we are caught. The man who catches me has respect for my the profitability of my complicated system, yet must arrest me for attempting to use it.

Title: "Oh NO!"

Birthday Dream Two - A woman (probably my wife) is driving a car to which my brother Ron, unknown to her, has (still attached by a trailer hitch) another, smaller car in which he is in the driver's seat. The front car turns to the right. The back car begins (in tow) to make the turn too and looks like it won't clear a parked car. It appears then that Ron guns his accelerator in the tow car (maybe intending to clear the parked car?), with the result that the towed car (with him in it) crashes hard into the parked car, and the lead car (my wife's) is of course involved in the accident as well. It is not clear if Ron is hurt, but likely he is.

And, as I am waking up then, I am appalled at this overall outcome and at both my wife's and brother's being in the accident, the repercussions, the damage, and the apparent injuries to Ron.

[Of Frances, I'd say she is an excellent student and teacher, especially on all things to do with arthropods, is very well organized, tends to be impatient at times, and enjoys the company of others with whom she can relate on any of her wide range of interests, such as teaching, insects, art, spiders, music, architecture, history, web sites, collecting, and various other intellectual or aesthetic pursuits.

Of Ron, I'd say he is obese, has back and neck problems, has mental challenges, was badly concussed a couple times as a child, is officially disabled due to back and manic depressive problems, is friendly, means well, and is enthusiastic, though without a lot of thought going into his various projects or suggestions, sees himself as highly intelligent, yet seems rather dense at times to others, dogmatically expects people to go along with his notions, attitudes, and behaviors, but does not take others too well into account and so has unstable relationships.

Of Warren Buffett and Ben Graham, both were or are pioneers at value investing and highly successful at it, with the kind of brains that can easily see both the big picture and the nitty-gritty aspects of whatever they are involved in, yet were or are not so good at intimate relationships.

Turning to the right suggests moving away from the emotional, intuitive, or unconscious into the rational, logical, analytical thinking mode.

In the second dream there is evidently a conflict about who is in the driver's seat, my female energy character, i.e. my anima, a rather rational, analytical one at that, who is often right, and my disabled shadow male energy aspect, who means well and can be very emotional, but who is often wrong. In Transactional Analysis terms, the anima is more in the adult mode, while my brother Ron shadow character is alternately more in his OK and not-OK child mode.

A dream interpreter friend of mine has a different take on these dreams, indicating the first one is about valuing myself and seeing both the big picture and nitty-gritty aspects of what is or is not of true value for me in different situations. She notes that my shadow models for this are good, highly successful ones, though I may need more care and work to be better at relationships.

Concerning the second dream, she sees my anima as pretty much a good model, showing me by example positive attitudes and ways of being, but that I have shadow parts of myself that kind of get in my way, tend to be depressed, impulsive, dense, or otherwise inclined to not make such great decisions. Even this, however, has a positive outcome, for by crashing into the parked cars (similar to the conflict with the shadow character in the first dream, who would keep me in the rut of not using my ability to value myself well) I am being forced out of the comfortable status quo re issues on which I am stuck or parked.

She asked what advice my Frances anima would give my Ron shadow, if I thought he would listen. I answered that she would tell him to take better care of himself, be more OK with feeling confused (instead of insisting he knows the right course of action even when actually unsure how to proceed), consider others' needs and feelings in his relationships, reduce his stress, take better responsibility for decisions in his best interest, and get help dealing with various types of addictive behavior and negative emotions. She suggested, then, this would all be good advice for me to follow.]

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