November, 2015

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11/5/15 - Title: "Insecurity"

I'm with Bill (a man in my Alanon men's group) who is (in some way) leading. There are other people and several floors. Then there is something about a sheer cliff face, a great height, even an area where it dips in from the vertical, and I must climb down this using unstable ladders. It seems very precarious. It would be easy to fall.

11/6/15 - Title: "Wake Up!"

I think I am awake when I hear a loud voice (anything else about the voice not remembered) that just announces: "Big snake!" I have the impression a large one has been discovered nearby, lying across a street or path, and that I might go and see this cool phenomenon, perhaps rather than being surprised by it later. (The dream, then, really wakes me up.)

11/8/15 - Title: "Warning"

I'm a new recruit in a co-ed army active duty training unit. Because of my age (close to my actual age of 72), some of the young women think they can be affectionate with me without my being turned on. One even embraces me in an intimate way, pressing her body against mine, but is surprised to find, and announces it to the others, that I get a hard-on and begin to make love to her, though I come too quickly for her to get an orgasm. We both are embarrassed, and I assure her it is just because it has been awhile since I've been sexual with a woman, while she is apologetic for having gotten me so exited, something she had not anticipated, but that next time we can do it better.

Then I am dressed again in my army fatigues and still with the unit in our quarters, ones that, however, are open above (so it is more like we have a well laid out trench with amenities than that we are in a permanent structure). Suddenly a not so distant volcano begins hurtling large and small hot rocks and cinders, some of which descend toward us. The bigger ones are nearly molten and must weight at least 250 pounds. One of the big ones misses me by inches, while numerous smaller cinders fall all around each of us and even hit our clothing. A friendly sergeant warns that these are just the preliminaries, that a major blast from the volcano could come at any time, and that we are all much in danger at our current location.

11/10/15 - Title: "Guilty"

I have gotten my self into a very complicated situation. If it becomes generally known, I'll be in big trouble. First, a couple other people know, and if they talk, it will be terrible for me.

Then one of them is gone (dead?). It is unclear what happened to her, if she just left or if the other person, an old man, killed her (and am I next?), or if maybe I bumped her off, like maybe I whacked her over the head with a big shovel.

So, it is just the old man and me left in a little house. I figure I'll have to bump him off before he does the same instead to me, and then, as best I can, I must disappear, because, if I am ever caught, it will be awful.

I pretend to be dumber than I am and to not know what to do, waiting for my opportunity to kill the old guy. He's likely doing the same, but hoping to kill me first. I'm pretty sure, though, he is not fooled and knows I'm out to get him if he does not get me first. I dare not fall asleep. (I wake up, still appalled at this situation, frightened by it, but intent on getting him, or at least away from here and from him, before he gets me first.)

[There seems to be a conflict between my old self ego and the current one with which I now identify. There is not room here for both. Presumably the newer version will win out, for the old self must be replaced by a healthier, more versatile one, one more likely to adapt to the real world, freer of illusions. The head here may represent the mind, which also needs to be radically adjusted, and probably a whack by a big shovel (to get rid of the crap? to bring out the dead? to knock in some sense?] would accomplish this. The anima has left, one way or another, so this is just between the present ego self and an older shadow form of the small self. Three often has to do with transformation, while two is typically about dawning awareness of the issues involved. What is the source of the guilt? Is it from childhood messages? I do not know. Staying awake is important, in an esoteric or higher consciousness sense.]

11/12/15 - Title: "Flush with Cash"

There has been a rain shower, but my wet cardboard build-fold (billfold) - like literally a flat piece from a cardboard box, maybe 10 by 12 inches and 1/4 inch thick - except wet, so it is now more like 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick - is holding together fairly well despite being soggy. On it are several layers of paper money, also wet through, yet barely holding together alright. - It must have been held onto the build-fold cardboard with rubber bands or some such (but none are recalled) - I'm in a bar or club or some such. It is dark in here, but brighter outside. There are a few others here. One of them knows me and is just commenting on my frugality, I think. It seems he means I don't spend much for someone who has plenty of money. He says something like: "You're a tight-wad for someone so flush with cash."

[Wetness in dreams usually represents feelings and money, energy. One typically is about unity, integration. Two can mean dawning awareness. Four, manifestation in reality. Eight could be amped up two times four (2x4). From the "I Ching," eight is about seeking unity to accomplish positive change. Ten is about taking one careful step at a time while developing social skills and making sure we are sincere. Twelve is, unfortunately, indicative of stagnation and decline, with confusion and decline, yet of sticking to our principles.

Ten could as well be amped up two times five (two x five). Five can be about patience and waiting or creativity.

Twelve could also be three times four.

The dream appears to suggest I do not do much with it, for someone who has plenty of energy, yet also that I have been through (or am about to go through) some kind of emotional storm.

To flush could be about being angry or embarrassed or about washing away one's written creations. It could also be about making something apparent that was not, as in flushing out quail.]

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