November, 2011

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11/1/11 - Title: "Gross Success - Nurturance Excess"

Night. A huge hotel or cruise ship kitchen, vast amounts of individual servings of food being prepared and served at once. I am involved in this process and in coming up with new dishes. Someone else has failed to do his job and I have needed to come in, kind of a chef understudy, and save the day. Much drama, but success! Have also, in the meantime, eaten samples, way too many, and am too, too full, and tired. (The last of these samples that I remember are large sweet gelatinous orange confectionary desserts in the shape of upturned breasts.) Time to go to bed! Much happy celebration, though, before finally do.

11/3/11 - Title: "Poor Shot"

Evening. I am at home on the second floor and hear the doorbell. I descend the carpeted stairs to the entrance hall. I consider checking to see who it is, but then decide to just open the front door, which I do. A middle aged woman is there. She has a wild look on her face and red lipstick applied haphazardly to her mouth.

With her right hand (to my left), she raises a pistol, and aims it at me from only about a 3-4 foot distance and fires. The bullet apparently goes to my left, near my head and shoulder, but misses me. Evidently shaken by this result, the woman drops the pistol onto the front porch or the concrete front walk area and rushes off to my right in a panic. I angrily give chase - wondering if I should have picked up the pistol, but I just leave it - running after her. (I wake up, upset and anxious over this nightmare. I do not know the woman in reality and have no associations to her at this point.)

11/5/11 - Title: "Deadly Emotions"

One scene - Night. I am in a vast, dark place. The impression is of an industrial area. A river flowing by on the left, not a stream of natural beauty but an industrially polluted, commercial transport artery. Within this industrial area on land, and within a huge metal storage or warehouse building, mostly empty and dark, I am there with one or at most two other people. One is definite, another man. The other, a woman, is only an impression in this scene (though she is part of an effort later to kill a snake). In both this scene and the other one, most of the life and drama comes from encounters with snakes. There is the sense that large, poisonous snakes have come in from the river or from the area of its bank. Particularly due to the dark, it is most hazardous having to watch out for or deal with the snakes. They could be almost anywhere and could strike at any time. (Nothing else is remembered.)

Another scene - A more natural setting than in the other one. Outdoors. Another man and I, as well as a woman, have become aware of a fast, large, aggressive, poisonous snake in our vicinity. We have no means at first for dealing with it. However, we lift a quite large rock (so big -perhaps 3-4 feet across and 1-2 feet thick - that 3 people normally could not wield such a boulder) above the snake as it is going through a channel or dry ditch of some kind. We hope to drop the rock at just the right moment onto the snake and so crush and maybe kill it, at least immobilize it. We are trying from above to position the rock over the moving snake while not getting bitten. Our legs are vulnerable, but we hope to drop the rock just right and in time, before the snake strikes at one or more of us.

11/6/11 - Title: "Yes!"

I am much younger than in reality. I am in a room with other people, interacting with them in various (unremarkable or forgotten) ways. Then, after much preceding drama (details not recalled) and finding myself alone with a beautiful woman who looks like a younger Jennifer Aniston (as she appeared in the sitcom "Friends"), I get up my courage and swear my love to her, we embrace, and then I kiss her on the lips. She responds passionately.

[Of Jennifer, I think she is sexy, funny, genuine, and warmhearted.

There is some integration with my feminine energy. I believe the dream is suggesting (since my anima is to show right feeling) that I own similar qualities and myself take on more passion and genuineness plus a humorous yet warmhearted outlook.]

11/21/11 - Title: "Discarded Treasures"

One scene - There is a disorderly, dark, congested room with a low ceiling. I am here with someone else, a young woman, I believe. On a cluttered table we find a beautiful empty blue vase, about the size of a tall drinking glass. The blue color reminds me of stained glass. Everything around it seems drab, just dark or light, besides the color of the vase. We are gladdened by finding it and wonder why it has just been sitting amid the table's clutter, unused.

Another scene - I am with two or three women. We find or they have made some delicious brownies or chocolate cake. In one instance, it is brownies, in another, cake. These deserts (desserts) are just kind of cast aside, the plate of brownies having been already partly eaten, though still out and with ten or so remaining, and they are maybe a day or two old. I find the remains of the chocolate cake on a plate on the floor under a table. This odd location for it does not prevent me from wanting to eat it. I stuff a lot into my mouth and hope to eat still more before I'm through. It tastes very good, but eating it is a messy business. I get sticky chocolate icing or cake on my right hand or on my face. I sort of worry what others will think if they catch me stuffing my face with the cake, yet I want to eat as much and as fast as I can!

[Perhaps the first scene has to do with at once being blue, as in sad, vs. discovering more spiritual meanings and values, and is also partly about seeing the glass as half-empty vs. half-full, while the second scene may be about mixed feelings on the eve of Thanksgiving, about indulging in overeating, but I suspect there is more to the dream than that.]

11/30/11 - Title: "Off Balance"

First scene - A sense of being way up in the mountains, so high I am light-headed and dizzy, a feeling of being off balance, so that with one misstep I may fall a great distance.

New scene - Somewhere near the sea in a warm climate area, probably South America near the Equator.

New one - Flat landscape. I'm with a woman near the sea. An area used by people for parking their vehicles. Also for widely spaced houses, some in the flood plain and damaged.

A man or men are chasing us, throwing explosives at us. We run and avoid being hurt at first, but they keep coming.

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