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February, 2011: 12 28

2/12/11-Sat.-One-third through a weekend mindfulness meditation workshop. Have stopped at Whataburger for lunch. The meditation has gone well so far.

In our Alanon meeting last night we focused on joy (even if one is not temperamentally inclined toward it). We noted a few tools that in general help one enhance natural enjoyment:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Focus on the positive.
  3. Stay in the moment.
  4. Low expectations.
  5. Cultivate a good sense of humor.
There are several other such recommendations which might be mentioned, but these resonated most for me at the time.

Later. This has been a rewarding meditation day. Feeling mellow. The process is definitely positive.

2/28/11-Mon.-Tonight am joining Fran in a nature group meeting and presentation.

This morning I completed the second of three parts in my Alanon Step 9 amends to myself. If all goes well, I should wrap up this aspect of the 12-step program next month and complete the entire program this spring. I had begun it about the early fall of 2009. It feels as if I am going through a growth and discovery process akin to getting a graduate degree in counseling.

The weather is great in Austin today: highs in the 70s, lows about 38-40°F, with sunny, low humidity conditions.

This month I got a cap on one of my front teeth. Still becoming accustomed to the feel of it. Heat apparently conducts easily through this artificial tooth in ways it had not through the natural one. Some pain as a result after hot soup, etc. recently.

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