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December, 2010: 5 26

12/5/10-Sun.-Have stopped for coffee on the way back from Sonya's dream group meeting. Recently am again having lots of mixed feelings about continuing to participate in this group. Feedback from Sonya seems too negative and with too little input from others. With Janet's help, I have come to see it may be worthwhile to keep going, even if and when it hurts, perhaps even especially then, for these may be the times one is open enough for positive change and growth to occur.

Today, in sharp contrast to my earlier preconceptions of late, I perceived Sonya as very positive and sensitive to whether folks were or were not ready to hear various messages in their dreams, also quite encouraging of wider group participation. All in all, it was an entirely worthwhile experience even though, at times, I was feeling blue. It was clear that my sadness or grieving were just about my internal stuff, not a reflection on Sonya or the group.

Tomorrow I have a dermatology appointment. There is a new spot on my nose. Chances are, I shall need a fifth "nose job" in the next several weeks. Bummer.

Later. Good news! The doctor does not think the nose spot is cancer this time and so did no biopsy. Hope he is right.

12/26/10-Sun.-Puff's birthday today. She is seven years old. Fran and I are visiting with her in Waco at my mom's this weekend, though staying at the nearby Travelodge motel at night. Mom's place is quite full with other guests this Christmas weekend.

Have in recent days been having difficulty with a lot of uncomfortable and even unsafe dizziness, apparently due to little "rocks" in my inner ear having gotten dislodged and affecting things there. Extra rest helps. As of today, the vertiginous episodes are much improved!

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