June, 2013

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6/8/13 - Title: "Getting Ready for the Wedding" (cont.)

[Talked today with Janet about the above dream. She suggested that the part about the setting being like in Ireland or England is ambiguously stated so that, to her, it can as easily be interpreted not as the ego did (to indicate this is a dream about anger, anxiety, or mild depression) but instead that it is a place that does NOT significantly involve these negative emotions. Even the light blue choir robes, she felt, along with white ones suggested spirituality rather than sadness or depression. She said that both specifically and overall this is a highly positive dream, truly terrific!]

6/17/13 - Title: "Warning: Great Danger Ahead"

A complicated dream with much tension, suspense, and violence. Most details forgotten except as follows:

We are in a European country (Russia?), a woman (my mom, perhaps, but more likely Fran) and me. We are trying to get somewhere, but others are uncooperative, and there is danger.

There is the threat of an explosion at any time. A man whom we do not know is also trying to get where we are going. He is forceful, assertive in the pursuit, as he has every right to expect cooperation yet is not getting it.

Someone, a Russian member of government or assistant to President Putin, or Putin himself, or a member of the Russian Mafia (or some similarly dangerous person not abiding by conventional rules and not worried about the laws, seeing himself as above the law or able to disregard it with impunity) briefly confronts the forceful man. The forceful man is wearing an old-fashioned suit, like in black-and-white movies from the 1930s or 1940s. The man confronting him does not bother threatening him or arguing. He just grabs a long, sharp piece of wood, like a broken slat from a privacy fence, and violently shoves it at the forceful man's gut. They are turned so the woman and I at first cannot see what is occurring. Then, in a split-second, it is over, and we see as the man confronting him has departed, getting away scot-free, that the long, sharp piece of broken board has been shoved deep into the forceful man's abdomen, so far it must have pierced his guts and aorta, and he is dying.

Clearly there is great resistance to anyone going on in the dangerous way we had been going. We do not feel we should turn back, yet going on may bring the same or a similar fate to us.

I am concerned at Fran's (or my mom's, but I think it was not actually her) reaction to such a graphic demonstration of the violence possible on the course we are following. Sure enough, she is appalled and disgusted by the explosive violence she has just witnessed and that the forceful man's adversary could do this and just walk away, not giving a damn.

6/18/13 - Title: "We Must Go Back the Way We Came"

I am driving (though it may be a borrowed or rented car), and Fran is with me in the passenger seat. The sky is overcast. It is cold.

We are in a rural northern area in winter. The road has been cleared, but there are still patches of snow among trees, grassy areas, and shrubs to the sides of the road. This is a fairly wide thoroughfare, at least two wide lanes, maybe four. There is no other traffic at all. We see nobody else, not even any animals. Things are also very quiet.

We drive for awhile with no difficulty, though both of us wonder if it is wise to go on. If there were hazardous conditions, there is nobody else to lend a hand. Besides, I think we may be lost, on the wrong road. Fran and I each voice concern about the route or the wisdom of going on.

I am struck by the dismal beauty of the surroundings, a mix of deciduous trees, fall colors, and wintry snow, plus the diffuse, gray light from above. Then, just ahead, the road is covered in white, a layer of snow a few inches deep and untouched all across the road as far ahead as we can see. It is as if the snowplow had just been stopped suddenly, leaving a clear area that we are on but then an edge where the unclear part begins, at 90° to our path, from several yards ahead and on into the distance.

We both realize it would be foolish to go ahead into that, so I must stop, turn around, and drive us back the way we had come. My concern about how to proceed is compounded. Going back does not feel right either, but there is no choice.

6/25/13 - Title: "Driven by My Emotions"

Fran is driving but seems distracted. I am in the passenger seat. I notice that she keeps letting the car veer to the left. I keep calling it to her attention, and we avoid an accident, but still the car's path keeps swerving left, alarmingly so, so an accident seems imminent unless she stops. I complain that she is swerving too much to the left, and she ignores me, still going too far left, into the wrong lane where we could be hit by oncoming traffic or go off the road on the left. (I wake up, quite concerned, irritated that she has been driving recklessly and continuing to drive that way even after I pointed it out.)

[Fran, my wife, is brilliant, has a good sense of humor, and is not a bad driver, though very occasionally she has had emotional encounters, letting her feelings affect how she drives. She is in the dream my anima or feeling, feminine side, and is modeling by example or counter-example right (correct) feeling.]

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