August, 2013

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8/18/13 - Title: "A Lot Going On"

(Much dreaming before too, but forgotten)

Scene 1 - In a huge one-story warehouse that doubles as a movie filming and production center plus a real center of commerce, productivity, and health care, I am right behind a Black woman, middle-aged, who plays a professional in a TV series, when she begins to have what appears to be a real heart attack or at least severe chest pains. I ask her if she needs medical help, and she denies it, then, as the attack continues, immediately changes her mind and agrees. I help her down to the floor and rush to find a doctor. A real one (who may also be one of the actors) is nearby and even knows the patient, comes there at once, begins talking with her with great bedside manner, and supervises getting her moved to an emergency room at a hospital facility (part of the huge building), and it is obvious she is in good hands and that she'll receive the care she needs.

Scene 2 - I am at the end of my shift (volunteer?) in the warehouse-like building. I tell someone (a Black man, I believe) that would be fine if I knew where I had parked my car (and [amid] all the rows and rows out in the vast parking areas). He says it should be simple now, since most everyone else had left by this time. It still takes me awhile to find it, as I do not recall the exit to take, and it is a long way around the perimeter of this huge building.

Scene 3 - I'm still not back to my car, but walking around the building looking for where I had left it. The building is on my right and a more residential neighborhood type area on my left as I see some of the younger actors and professionals from the big building examining damages to their cars that occurred while they were away. It seems while we were all busy working, a large, well-organized band of professional criminals have been vandalizing and stealing things out of our cars. Almost every one of the parked cars has been broken into, either through the sunroof, for some of the sportier vehicles, or otherwise, and tires have also been flattened or stolen, etc. Someone bitterly comments about how we work away for up to 12 hours trying to accomplish something and to do a good job as professionals, only to have our stuff stolen or damaged and ourselves inconvenienced by vandals and criminals outside, who lack any appreciation for what value we are adding and doing inside.

Scene 4 - I come upon a scene at a loading dock for the huge warehouse building, here at a corner right next to a busy thoroughfare. The traffic coming in my direction is in about 3-4 lanes and rushes by toward the right next to a narrow sidewalk, itself next to the building just around the corner to the right from my encounter with the loading dock (doc?). At the dock, I see at least 2, maybe 3 people, a criminal with a metal rod he's wielding, and possibly he also has a gun. Plus, he has control of 1-2 hostages, at least one a woman, I think. I quickly go on around the corner where I point out to a couple street cops there, kind of flattened against the wall, as though about to do something about the hostage situation, that there is indeed a hostage or two held by a guy who looks like he may hurt the hostage(s) at any moment. They rush around the corner toward the dock, and presumably are handling it, but I hear a loud bang, which I think may be the bad guy shooting a hostage or getting shot himself(?).

Scene 5 - I finally arrive back at my car. It is not out in the open in a wide parking area as I had remembered but instead is in a parking garage. It appears undamaged. I start to unlock it and get in. Suddenly a guy posing as a hitchhiker comes up and asks for a ride. I am momentarily distracted by this and considering it, wanting to tell him "No," when another guy comes up from the right and very coolly pumps three bullets into my right front tire, flattening it, and with his gun also threatens me, making it obvious he will either shoot me or steal from me and wants whatever I have of value. For some reason, I'm thinking after the robbery/mugging (or whatever is over) that I won't have transportation till the spare is put on in place of the shot tire, that it's already late, and who knows when I'll get home? I think maybe I can call my wife, Fran, on my cell phone, that she can give me a ride home, and then we can deal with my vehicle problems together the next day.

8/27/13 - Title: "An Uncertain New Start"

Scene 1 - I am in a small apartment or room in a city new to me, somewhere out west. This place is quite small, smaller than a studio apartment. Someone, perhaps the landlord, has been in since I was here last, several days ago. He says (not in the dream, but evidently he had left a message) I must leave. Certain things have been left too long unattended, so there is a bad smell in the place, and some things look dead or rotten, for instance, some substance(s) in the kitchen sink. I wonder where I shall go next. There is an impression I must get a job, challenging in a new city and with some not so good aspect(s) to how I left my last work.

Scene 2 - I am in a new city out west (impression is it [the name of the city] starts with an "A," but is not Austin, perhaps Albuquerque, or otherwise in Arizona). Am in a fairly large, one-story house where my elderly mother lives. She has recently moved to this area and house which are new to her, here in "A..." I am staying temporarily with her. I'm considering what I must do next and whether or not to get a job. I do not see how I'll find work. It seems there is a problem with my resumé, from how I left my last work. I think she says that of course I must get a job, implying I can't just stay with her for free. I consider maybe taking a sales job, working for straight commissions, likely being able to get such work in spite of the problem from my last work. I remember a personality/aptitude test I once took that showed I had what it took to be a good life insurance salesman, having the required combination of drive, aggression, persuasiveness, empathy, and intelligence. I wonder how to make a success at this now, how hard and long the transition will be and how I'll get by till then.

[Of my mom, I'd say she is very social, much into her feelings, which are more depressed than happy, looking at the glass more as half-empty than half-full, yet also has a strong will, a lot of independence and drive, that she drinks alcohol way too much, and she is still teaching several popular aerobics classes a week though only weeks away from her 91st birthday anniversary. She is considering selling her home and moving, though only in the same city, Waco.

I wrote this morning to my friend Janet about this dream, and here is what she said: 1. "The part of you that owns this apartment wants you out of being apart;" 2. "This place of being apart has something that's rotten...so your shadow is helping you to move on;" 3. " 'A' is a good grade;" 4. "So you are with this anima that...is incredibly energetic and hasn't given up on life;" 5. "You might just directly get paid instead of requiring something from someone else;" 6. "You recognize your strong positive qualities, and that's where you are in the transition. You are considering how best to put them to use."]

8/31/13 - Title: "If the Dead Are Coming Back to Life, Stop Them!"

Am in a strange land in which the dead in some ways still live and cats (puss? pussies?) take different spirit forms. It is a Technicolor nightmare. There's a young boy there, part of a family, and he and I talk and are sort of friends, even though I have only just gotten here. He lives here, in this nightmare realm, whereas I was unaware of it till now.

Things happen here impossible in reality.

For instance, at one point, I am looking up and see what seems like a fresh grave but huge and instead of horizontal and on ground level, it is vertical (though the dirt does not fall off) and is maybe 5-10 times as big as for a regular human grave, and it is wet in the length of the vertical center in a shape similar to a huge vagina (pussy) of moist, freshly dug earth. There is the impression the rot from the huge body buried there is causing the wetness to seep through the earth in this shape.

There is a bed that is not a bed, more a suggestion of a bed, and a being or spirit is there and communicating with me out of a region of color, like a cloud of color: red, yellow, white, all blended together like in a light show. The being there must be dead, yet is communicating and in spirit form is there and "alive." Then it is as though it "inhabits" the living realm and is taking on living form again, or just beginning to.

The bed that is not a bed starts to move, as though this amorphous light being, of reds and yellows mostly and a little white, is going to rise up out of its grave.

I remember hearing a warning that if this sort of thing starts to happen (and it was happening in other parts of this Technicolor nightmare region too), that it must be stopped. Yet nobody ever told me how to stop it.

I sort of yell at it in mixed power and terror, and, though the "thing" is beginning to rise up, and I do not know what it is (my father's dead spirit? the devil? another powerful ghost? or God?) it stops taking form and coming to live (life) because I wake up, quite relieved to realize this was but a dream.

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